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We showed the house again today. We have showed the house to 3 couples total and it would be really nice if one of them would be interested in the house. So please keep praying that one of them would put in an offer on it.

I am feeling better. Just a bit sore, but do feel so much better already. Just hope I dont push it too hard.

Just keep us in your prayers, please! I want to get back to normal fast and would like to be able to buy the house we really like because we have sold this one 😉

Take care! Hugs, Sherri


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Having a Open House

We have decided to have an Open House on Saturday. I guess now I have to get the house completely ready to show. So everyone, please pray that someone decides they want to buy our house 🙂 🙂

I know it is all in His will. But it would be nice to sell the house without having to use a realtor! Oh well… Keep us in your prayers.


Hugs, Sherri

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Looking for a new house

It is very exciting to be thinking about buying a new house. But we have got to get this house sold first. I sure hope we can get some interested person to buy our house!! We sure would like to move into a new house this summer!

Oh well…. See ya soon, Sherri

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Another Birthday?

I just had my birthday on the 11th of April. Tim came home and surprised me with ROSES! I wasnt expecting anything, since he had gotten me my laptop just a month or so before. But flowers are always nice to get 🙂

So turns out this wasnt that bad of a bday after all.

Hugs, Sherri

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I have decided to start a blog. I am going to post things going on in our lives, with the kids, and I will also be sharing cards and scrapbook pages that I make.


Hope you will come back and check out our blog from time to time!

Blessings, Sherri

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